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Free Demo

We've created a free Demo Version of Multi-Sim so that you can give it a test-drive. Depending on your application, you may find the Demo Version is all you need!

The Demo Version's features are:

Download Demo Version 1.0D!

Download Demo Version 1.0D here!

System Requirements

Installation Instructions:

The system downloads in a .zip file. (Later versions will use Windows Installer.)

  1. Create a folder where you'll save the system. You can do this in your user folder: "c:\users\you\multi-sim", or in your computer's program folder: "c:\program files (x86)\multi-sim".
  2. Extract the folders and files into the folder you created.
  3. If you created the new folder in the "program files (x86)" folder, make sure you have write permission set for it and its sub-folders. Open the Command Prompt (press the start button and then enter "cmd"). Enter the command:
    ATTRIB -r /s /d "C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\MULTI-SIM\*.*"
  4. When you first start Multi-Sim, Windows will ask you whether it should allow Multi-Sim to access your private network and the Internet. Check both boxes and then click "ok".
  5. The simulation, stored in the main folder, is called "Multi-Sim.exe" and the two clients, stored in the "C" and "Forth" folders, are called "Open-Loop Cab.exe". Double-click on the programs to start them.

Uninstall Instructions:

  1. Delete the folder where you saved Multi-Sim.
  2. That's it!